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Joe Slayton's Homepage
"I have a home page, therefore I am."


Work Information

I'm working for <censored> (my boss says it's definitely <censored> and not <censored>) in the wonderful town of <censored>. Endless miles of scrub and brownish hills just like we had back home!

Current Projects

During the day, I do software support for the <censored>. At night and on weekends, I work on updates to Fractal Terrains for ProFantasy, a newer version of Wilbur, and a few other things.

Every once in a while, I manage to <censored>.

Biographical Information

A long time ago, in a place far, far, away, a child was born. The world has been slowly recovering ever since.

People have been asking that I post a picture of myself. To help keep the web a child-safe place I have elected to post a less-than-recent photograph.

Personal Interests

I write software. Sometimes, I play games. Sometimes I play games while writing software. Sometimes, I write game software. Rarely, I go outside except on trips between my car and a building. Once, I was even hired to teach a course on game design.

If you're looking for free stuff, look at the software page.

Last Revised 10 Feb 2010