Other software

Yep, there's more than just Wilbur hereabouts. Not a lot, but something.

FPLOT many moons ago, I wrote a simple little height field expression evaluator (of the form z = f(x,y)). Over the next few years I got carried away adding little bits to it. What I ended up with was a DOS program that would display height fields using the painter's algorithm in wireframe or shaded mode, supported more functions than it is wise to shake a stick at, and was generally silly. Now, for the first time, the complete system is available to the public. For 213K of your valuable download budget, you can have the executable, the documentation (Word 6.0/95 only, sorry), the complete source code (Borland Pascal 6.0), and all libraries (drivers, fonts, etc.) needed to build the thing.

The other day I was reading through sci.fractals and I came across a message about someone wanting source for a fractal program. I slapped together this little gem in about an hour. Yes, I know I'm slow. For 128K worth of download, you get an executable and source code (an MFC app in Visual Studio .NET project format) to a short, simple little grayscale fractal generator. It can't load or save, and it loses the picture if anything gets in front of the dialog box that it uses for its user interface. It does, however, demonstrate how to calculate a Mandelbrot set and Julia set as specializations of a generalized quadratic fractal, as well as one way to draw pixels on a surface in a dialog box. And, best of all, it comes with no documentation!

ReprojectImage Once upon a time, I wanted to convert map projection images into Equirectangular to get them into Fractal Terrains. This bit of software was the result. No source code.

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