<>Wilbur Logo For lack of a better name, this software is called Wilbur. It allows an individual to play with terrain data (height fields). It can import data from and export data to many popular file formats. In addition, it allows the data to be modified with a number of image processing operations as well as height field painting tools.
This program has been tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Earlier versions worked under Windows 9x as well so this one probably also will. I have no plans for Macintosh, DOS, Unix, or any other ports. Source code is not available.


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Be warned, this software is highly experimental (and sometimes unstable). Save frequently. It shouldn't destroy your machine, but may fault at any point. Use this software at your own risk. No warranty is made and none is implied. And never, ever use this software or its output for navigation purposes or in a situation where bad data may cause injury or loss of life.


Some quick sample pictures are found here.

The world as an icosahedron. Print it out, then cut along the edges and fold to get a globe.

Continental Shelves - The proper way.

Many more examples are found in the Tutorials under the current software version.

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