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This software supports Microsoft’s Windows operating system. This software uses OpenGL for its graphics: you will need a working OpenGL driver for your system. This software has not been tested on any version of Windows except 64-bit Windows 10, version 1803. Do not expect this program to work with any version of Windows prior to 64-bit Windows 7.

Changes in Version 1.89 of Wilbur [04 Feb 2019]

Changes in Version 1.88 of Wilbur [09 Apr 2018]

Changes in Version 1.87 of Wilbur [12 Oct 2017]

Changes in Version 1.86 of Wilbur [20 Nov 2016]

Changes in Version 1.85 of Wilbur [18 Oct 2016]

Changes in Version 1.84 of Wilbur [01 Aug 2016]

Changes in Version 1.83 of Wilbur [29 Jul 2014]

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Download the Wilbur 64-bit Setup Program

Download a zip with the raw 64-bit Wilbur .exe file.

Download the Version 1.88 Wilbur 32-bit Setup Program. No newer 32-bit versions will be produced

Download or View the very old Documentation (zipped PDF)

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